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Despite the growing scientific consensus that vaccines are safe and that neither vaccines nor mercury cause autism, a stubborn vocal minority claims otherwise, threatening the effectiveness of this public health program.

Vaccines are one of the most successful programs in modern health care, reducing, and in some cases even eliminating, serious infectious diseases.

Yet, despite a long history of safety and effectiveness, vaccines have always had their critics: some parents and a tiny fringe of doctors question whether vaccinating children is worth what they perceive as the risks.

Of course, vaccines are not without risk (no medical intervention is), although the benefits far outweigh those risks. In recent years, the anti-vaccination movement, largely based on poor science and fear-mongering, has become more vocal and even hostile.


At Oasis del Pacífico we only see vaccinated children for a multitude of reasons. You are very welcome to come in, get informed and we can discuss the benefits and risks associated with vaccines but if you ultimately refuse to vaccinate , we will not be able to see your child.

Below there are some videos about vaccine preventable diseases and links to educational sites that provide evidence based infomration about vaccines

The History of Vaccines

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